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Notre dam

A3EF75EAE4DFE05697E1BBA9206EFE8F.jpegWell, visiting Notre Dam was definitely on my to- do list! I just wanted to get up close to those gargoyles!!!
The only problem was, to do so I had to climb 387 steps..... 387 steep, narrow spirally steps, and I don't mind telling you I was holding on pretty damn tight to that railing all the way up ... And especially all the way down!
Notre Dam is HUGE! I will let the photos do the talking.......A316E680A48337C87AFD9C51E1D4D5C0.jpeg90_A31E461EDCDA9467264981EFD49B9DC2.jpeg90_A327BA89DFF529056DF999264F0DA6FD.jpegA3326B83CACCC372CFBE9C0965EF40D0.jpegA3393970A511FD1D5A0E586768E014BB.jpeg90_A33FFFB3C29796352C7255FB34918F3E.jpegA34DB9FAF85DCC039DD529467B926FB0.jpegA3554B7DAD9063AD5B82E68E8F697C71.jpeg

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Sainte Chapelle


I visited Sainte Chapelle, a gothic church built in 1248! Although a lot of it has been rebuilt following the French Revolution, but 70% of the glass is original. A building couldn't be more different inside than out. I loved the dark gothic exterior, but you walk in and it's a total contrast! So cold on the outside and warm inside .A211B4140771CF390FF187F9E5302C15.jpegA1E585BDE2824D26CC63B2BE43F49931.jpegA203EFF3FC7F8AFF85F776876404B27B.jpeg90_A1F935DCBAD15866D8E630E1CAE1C414.jpegA1EF43F8E4C685C929D212D5263F2262.jpeg

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my visit to the Louvre


well, I thought you can't come to Paris, and not see the Louvre, so I went along on Friday evening, to be honest, not expecting a lot. Virtually everybody says they were disappointed when they saw the Mona Lisa, but what they don't say is how stunning the rest of the Louvre really is! I'm sure I had a smile a mile wide, the moment I stepped through the doors! It was really difficult to realise that I was in the presence of this absolutely amazing treasure of art. Every piece was absolutely stunning. I was fortunate in the fact I picked a good time to go, but I still couldn't get too close to Mona, for all the people taking selfies of themselves!
But, as I mentioned there was just so much to see. Besides the collage of the most famous, I have included some of my personal favourites, plus I've added a couple of my 'pro' photos of the Louvre aA0BA5541FFCD9DA13D7E03E584316138.jpegA0B6C6E2F51593224B786A0A5B4BA5CE.jpeg90_A0AD06CEE75EC60D3A2D7B30417B0955.jpegA0A363D4D08F9C602C25968CF157147C.jpegA09AAB2600D516B795793652CCE6D155.jpegA096D6DAD96DF9FDF5990F19EB7C6714.jpegA08DF9FCCCD38E3EC636D892C57A14EE.jpegA0C3F7C2CB1E97820E74013A96F2BD43.jpegswell! ;-)
definitely the highlight of my trip so far!

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Montparnasse Cemetery visit

I visited a local cemetery today in Montparnasse (about 30 minutes walk away from where I'm staying)
I'm a fan of cemeteries, at the best of times, as a visit always causes me to think about my life, But this has the graves of Samuel Beckett, Jean-Paul Sartre, simone de Beauvoir, Andre Citroen (founder of the Citroen car company) and frederic auguste bartholdi (sculptor of the Statue of Liberty)
On the way back I stopped at my first French cafe and also did a little grocery shop: just the normal grocery fare we are all used to: baguette, French cheese, strawberries, , and French chocolate ;-p

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First day in Paris

sunny 27 °C

90_2E0CBB09F83E92E2A2FA15321615A20F.jpegWell I have managed to get through my first day in Paris. I used the RER train to get from the airport into Paris and then throughout the day and night used the metro 8 more times!!!
I lost count how many times I got lost and I even got hugely lost twice at Gare du Nord station. Mind you it's a huge station, multi floored which has the RER trains, metros, TGV and the high speed trains connecting Paris to London, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc. ( I'm blaming my disorientation on jet lag!)
I made an error of judgement in booking my photo tour with the professional photographer too close to arrival time, and in the end was an hour late. In hindsight I shouldn't have planned anything for that first day after spending a total of 31.5 hours travelling!
But I did manage to spend 3 1/2 hours with Nadia, and hugely valued her understanding and patience. The biggest thing I learnt from her is that anyone can take reasonably satisfactory photographs, but what is more important is creating something a bit different , something which evokes emotion and fond memories, something which is able to portray the photographer as well ( plus she also taught me tons on the practical aspects).i need to heed her advice, as we were waiting at a metro station, she politely pointed out this huge poster hanging up of one of her photographs, which had been selected to promote France tourism!
The first day was basically one of those days, where if anything could go wrong, it did! I managed to find the apartment where I was staying, but I couldn't get the Internet to work with my new French SIM card, so didn't know how to contact the apartment owner. Miraculously I met a lady who knew her and let me in to the apartment block and gave me instructions. The reason this is miraculous is that the lady only knew two people in the whole apartment block, and Carole was one of them!
I had a shower and then set off to meet the group for the night ride through Paris. They immediately spotted my leadership potential and made me the leaders 'arse man', which meant I was the person bringing up the rear to make sure they don't leave anyone behind! Which was a little disappointing because she did actually have a nice arse ;-s . it did mean I got to wear a jacket like the leader wore and not the fluoro ones like everyone else, and I must have looked the part because some tourists from Finland stopped me to ask directions! I got given a free t shirt afterwards, so that was nice. It was very interesting riding a bike in Paris! The drivers, motorcyclists and cyclist do seem to be all insane ;-) it was a great outing and nicely ended with drinking red wine on the seine cruise. Catching the metro home at 11pm wasn't as bad as I thought, but yes I did get lost again!

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